Peace of Mind is a program of

Metiv - The Israel Psychotrauma Center

Metiv promotes healthy coping and post-traumatic growth within Israeli society

through innovative evidence based interventions, training and research

Peer-reviewed scholarly articles, journalistic articles and books for both academic and lay audiences

18 on staff, augmented with 40 freelance mental health professionals

Children’s emotion regulation clinic

2,000 mental health professionals trained in Israel

250 global alumni of International Summer Course

Peace of Mind for IDF veterans

Program for treatment resistant PTSD veterans with Ministry of Defense

Trauma care and training for members of Israel’s Ethiopian community

Our Team

Danny Brom, PhD

Founding Director Of Metiv The Israel Psychotrauma Center

Ruth Habshush

Projects Coordinator

Racheli Brooks

Director, Peace Of Mind

Ben Rub

Clinical Director

Nadav Stern


Anthony Goldstein

UK Peace Of Mind Director

Chaim Landau

Development & Partnerships

Anna Harwood-Gross, Ph.D

Director Of Research

Yehuda Lapian

Community Relations

Sheli Ehrlich

Groups Coordinator


Peace of Mind is not a PTSD program. Most IDF veterans do not suffer from PTSD, but that does not mean that everything is alright. Veterans may suffer from a variety of post-traumatic symptoms even without classification of PTSD. They too deserve to live their lives free of the emotional and mental burden from their military service.

The group nature of the program allows it to be non-stigmatizing. Working with a unit allows Peace of Mind to engage with the entire range of post-traumatic symptoms, from those who are almost symptom free to those who are in urgent need of psychological care. Following the group intervention, those who need it receive individualized treatment.

Peace of Mind works with veterans from elite combat units who have been through traumatic experiences. The vast majority of these veterans are from all male units. 

Peace of Mind has worked with a few mixed units and one all female unit, but most units are all male. 

The veterans on Peace of Mind are not used to talking about their feelings. It may be very challenging for them to speak and share emotions that have until now been kept deep inside.

The distance from Israel allows the veterans to open up and speak in ways which they could not do in Israel.

Furthermore, the love and support of the host Jewish community plays a key role in creating a safe, quiet and supportive environment for the program.

Initially we started the program in cooperation with the IDF, and the IDF would refer to us units for the program. In recent years the units have contacted us on their own and we interview and place the units on our own. We are in regular touch with mental health professionals from the IDF but we are not part of the IDF, rather we are an independent recognized Israeli non-profit affiliated with Herzog Hospital and Hebrew University.

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